Nebia Spa Shower

R6,990.00 inc. VAT and import duties

Nebia is a shower system that makes less water feel like so much more. Never has a shower been this luxurious nor elegant and at the same time had such little impact on the environment.

The technology of the Nebia shower system spans several years of development and culminates with a shower that atomises water streams into millions of tiny droplets creating a feeling of having stepped into a cocoon of steam and mist. The precision nozzles deliver just the right size water droplets at the right pressure and the right speed, hydrating your skin and effectively washing your body and hair.

It uses at least 70% less water than a conventional shower head and reduces your environmental impact whilst improving your shower experience.

The complete Nebia Spa Shower include 63cm adjustable height shower head, magnetic hand wand, full self-installation kit and cleaning caps for easy maintenance.

  • Can be installed in 15 minutes
  • Does not need a plumber
  • No need to break any tiles
  • Available in brushed aluminium
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Will my Nebia require special cleaning or maintenance?
Our shower has been thoroughly tested and trialed to cope with thousands of uses. It is built in durable material, with multiple filters and designed to last. You may need to clean the nozzles on occasion if you have hard water in your taps. The shower comes with cleaning caps that will make it easy to remove any deposits.
Will the Nebia fit in my bathroom?
The Nebia Spa Shower comes in matte brushed aluminum with a white, soft touch rubber finish. It’s minimalistic design and futuristic look and feel will suit any bathroom. In terms of literal fit, we recommend that water outlets are from the wall and between 182 to 213 cm from the floor and at least 63 cm from temperature controls or any shelves/wall protrusions. In addition, your water outlet should be a minimum of 10 cm from the ceiling and 12,5 cm from the nearest wall. Contact us for more information on compatibility in your specific bathroom.
What is the ideal setup for a Nebia Spa Shower?
Nebia shower experiences are best in an enclosed shower. The shower should ideally be enclosed on all four sides to maximize the steam shower feeling and keep the warm steam around your body. A shower stall with a curtain or a shower situated over a bathtub with a curtain will also provide a great Nebia experience.
At what pressure will the Nebia shower work?
The Nebia shower will work optimally for water pressure from 2,5 bar to 6,5 bar. The inbuilt pressure regulating valve ensures that your Nebia experience is the same irrespective of water pressure.