Water Restriction Nozzle

R590.00 inc. VAT and import duties

The Altered:Nozzle products will change the way you consume water. Upgrade your regular tap by easily attaching a high quality brass Altered: Nozzle to save thousands of litres of water whilst you enjoy the feeling of thousands of mircodroplets on your skin.

The nozzle can be installed on most taps. It has 2 modes:

  1. The first one delivers mist and makes it possible to have the same effect as a regular tap but with 98% less water.
  2. The second mode delivers spray when you need a little more water. It will save 85% compared to regular taps but will still supply all the water you need.

The nozzles are made from high quality brass adding a touch of class to any bathroom. Enjoy the feeling of saving so much water whilst you go about your daily routines.

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Altered:Nozzle Dual Flow

Flow is designed to save as much water as possible but not compromise on any of the functionality you need..

Product Specification

Fits Standard (20,8mm), Junior (18,1mm) and  Tom Thumb (15mm) sized taps. (Inner socket dimension)

Lead Free Brass (Chromed handle)

Metal Mesh 0,4mm

Water pressure:
44-116psi / 3— 8bar
Not suitable for pressureless water systems.

Water temperature:
Max 192° F / 89° C