Wostman EcoFlush Toilet

R6,990.00 inc. VAT and import duties

The EcoFlush toilet’s unique design separates waste and allows you to use the right amount of water where and when it is needed, thus consuming extremely low flush volumes.

With EcoFlush you no longer need to flush the entire bowl every time. With a double flush function and a urine bowl in the front of the toilet, it saves up to 90% water.

Originally designed for septic tanks in the archipelago in Sweden, the toilet has evolved with low water usage in mind.

  • Works on any 110 mm sewage outlet to the floor
  • Flushes less than 1 litre on average
  • Choose urine separation or combined outlet.

"The EcoFlush toilet is both economical and environmentally friendly. A revolutionary design that saves enormous amounts of water."

EcoFlush is EcoFriendly and Economic!

EcoFlush can be installed to either a traditional sewage system or to your own septic tank. It is perfect for when you need to save water. It fits a regular 110 outlet, and you are able to choose whether you want a separate or combined outlet. For a combined outlet, make sure you use an adaptor for the urine hose (see image below).