Our mission

Ninety second showers; hand sanitizers; once a day toilet flushing; buckets to collect rain water. Don’t waste a drop.

These days, water is on our mind constantly.

But these are only temporary solutions to a new way of life: life in times of water scarcity. The time has come to find new long-term solutions that will give us back our modern and comfortable lifestyle and make it last even in times of water restrictions.

Solutions to the scarcity of water do not lie in waiting for rain to fall in the catchment areas. Solutions lie in a multi-pronged long-term approach from desalination plants, drilling boreholes, harnessing rain water and re-using grey water. They also lie in us using water-saving technology inside our homes, restaurants, gyms and hotel rooms.

We need to harness the power of innovation and technology and replace old-fashioned products with extreme water-saving devices that not only save water, but are also innovative and beautiful.

Because let’s face it, we’re pretty tired of carrying buckets and having short guilty showers.

Our history

It  all started with an old-fashioned toilet and water restrictions.

Birger Lundgren (originally from Sweden, but now living in Cape Town), was looking for a toilet that used less water. The toilets installed in his home used about 10 litres of water per flush. In Sweden toilets use 3-6 litres per flush. 

When water restrictions became a fact he started looking to import water -efficient toilets to South Africa.  He found Wostman, a Swedish family-owned company. They have been designing and manufacturing high quality toilets with an extreme low water consumption for more than 20 years. 

At around the same time he came across US-based Nebia that has been innovating in the shower industry and has developed a new shower system for a new shower experience.

Scandinavian Water Saving Products was born and we now represent Wostman, Nebia in South Africa. 

Birger also sourced the Altered:Nozzle a new Swedish product for use on taps. The nozzle saves litres of water but has the flexibility of adjusting the amount of water being used.

Birger Lundgren

Birger Lundgren (originally from Sweden, but now living in Cape Town for the last 14 years. He is a passionate water warrior and enthusiastically saves every drop. However, he is committed and motivated to finding the right solutions to save water rather than take a shower in a bucket (yes he still showers in a bucket).

He is a serial entrepreneur co founder of the software company StreamServe and founder of EpiServer Africa and Investor.

Niklas Oriander,

Owner, Niklas Oriander, originally from Finland, is no stranger to living in Africa and has previously worked for the UN in Kenya and resided in Mozambique, prior to moving to Cape Town 4 years ago.

He is enthusiastic to work with public and private sectors in developing models for ‘green’ housing, convinced that water saving will be the new normal, not just in this country, but around the world and he would like South Africa to be a leader in this field.