With South Africa facing an extreme water shortage, we need to be more conscious about the long-term effect of climate change on how we live and how we use water in our homes and offices, says Birger Lundgren, CEO of Scandinavian Water Saving Products.

Originally from Sweden, Birger has called the Mother City home for the past 15 years and has lived through Cape Town’s worst drought in over a hundred years.

“Initially I was ok with carrying buckets to flush toilets and short stop-start showers, but I hated the ‘if it’s yellow let it mellow’ approach to water-saving. I wanted my modern and comfortable lifestyle back. That’s when I decided to start Scandinavian Water Saving Products and import the Wostman EcoFlush Toilet which I use in Sweden.

“I wanted to find a long-term solution for my home that would be water-efficient, but also source quality products that incorporate great design and the latest water-saving technology,” he says.

Birger’s range of innovative water-saving sanitary products include the WostMan EcoFlush and the Ecovac toilets, the Nebia Shower system and the Altered: Nozzle. Each of these products has been specifically designed to use as little water as possible, without compromising on quality or design.

Product Fact Sheet

Eco-Flush Toilet

Water-Saving Toilet

With a double flush function and a urine bowl in the front of the toilet, the Wostman EcoFlush Toilet saves up to 90% of water. Its unique design separates waste and allows you to use the right amount where and when it is needed.

With the EcoFlush Toilet you no longer need to flush the entire bowl every time you use the restroom. There are two flush buttons on the cistern like in a conventional dual flush toilet except that with EcoFlush, the small flush will release 300 ml into the front part of the bowl, and the large flush will release 2,5 litres into the entire bowl. The volume of the big flush can be adjusted and set to use more water if necessary.

The toilet is new to South Africa, but has been sold in Sweden for almost thirty years. Originally designed for septic tanks in the archipelago in Sweden, the toilet was invented with low water usage in mind. Designed and assembled in Sweden, the toilets are used by thousands of people every day.

The EcoFlush can be installed to either a traditional sewage system or to your own septic tank.

Ecovac Toilet

Using only 600ml per flush, the Ecovac vacuum toilet uses advanced and robust technology suitable for the commercial market such as hotels, restaurants and public buildings. The saving is the best in the world in water-efficient products.

Nebia Shower

Water-Saving Shower

An 8 minute Nebia shower uses the same amount of water as a 2 minute conventional shower.

The Nebia shower system makes less water feel like so much more. Never has a shower been this luxurious nor elegant and at the same time had such little impact on the environment.

The technology of the Nebia shower system spans several years of development and culminates with a shower that atomises water streams into millions of tiny droplets creating a feeling of having stepped into a cocoon of steam and mist.

It uses only 2,7 litres of water per minute – less water than a conventional 10 litres shower head.

The precision nozzles deliver just the right sized water droplets with the right amount of pressure and the right speed, hydrating your skin and effectively cleansing your body and hair.

The complete Nebia shower system includes a 63cm adjustable height shower head and a magnetic hand wand.

You can customise the spray setting, increasing or decreasing the pressure when necessary. You can also activate strength mode on the shower head for a more traditional sensation of pressure and water flow (whilst still experiencing steam and mist) while saving up to 70% of the water compared to a conventional shower.

It comes with a full self-installation kit (no plumber required) and cleaning caps for easy maintenance.

Altered Nozzle

Water-Saving Tap Nozzle

The Altered: Nozzle products will change the way you consume water. Upgrade your regular tap by easily attaching a high quality brass Altered: Nozzle to save thousands of litres of water whilst enjoying the feeling of thousands of microdroplets on your skin.

The nozzle can be installed on most taps and has two modes.

  • The first mode delivers mist and makes it possible to have the same effect as a regular tap, but with 98% less water.
  • Switch to spray mode if you require more water for filling a glass, pots or pans. It will save 85% compared to regular taps but will still supply all the water you need.

The nozzle only takes a few minutes to install, which you can install yourself.

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